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A Year 4 Class Post

Year 4 Autumn Update

Year 4 made a fantastic start to their new school year in the autumn term!

In English, we are practising our writing skills by writing terrifying myths. In Maths we started the year with a week of practical problem solving and reasoning through “Inspirational Maths” from you cubed at Stanford University.

In Science, we will have fun investigating sound using rulers and our homemade class drum to demonstrate vibration.  In Computing, we will be meteorologists and present weather reports.  The children will measure weather data, analyse and evaluate what they collect and record before presenting their data in a weather report style.

In RE we will learn about how we can build positive relationships by learning more about the Sikh and Hindu communities.

Through our PE lessons, we will practise and improve our indoor athletics skills and improve our swimming stamina and technique during our lessons at Hitchin swimming pool.

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