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A Year 4 Class Post

Year 4 Spring 1 Week 1

We have had a brilliant first week back at school!

In English, we have started exploring the text ‘The Lost Thing’.

The Lost Thing - Wikipedia

We used our inference skills to write from the viewpoint of the Lost Thing, as well as imagining the conversation that the Lost Thing might have with the main character.

The Lost Thing | A short film by Shaun Tan

As mathematicians, we have continued developing our multiplication and division skills. We started the week by learning about factors, and learnt to represent these on factor bags. We also learnt how to multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100.



As scientists, we have started our new topic ‘teeth and digestion’. We used mirrors to explore our teeth and then learnt about the different types of teeth and their purpose.

Teeth Names: Shape and Function of Four Types of Teeth


As historians, we have started our new topic learning all about the Anglo Saxons. We learnt who they were and how and why they came to Britain. We then used our historical knowledge to decide if they were settlers or invaders!


As digital learners, we started our topic ‘writing for different audiences’. We explored how font, size and layout can impact the intended audience. We then edited a newspaper article to make it more suitable for an audience.


As religious learners we started our new topic, exploring what faith looks like in today’s society. We explored which faiths were in the UK and made posters showing this.

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