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A Year 4 Class Post

Year 4 Spring 1 Week 2

This week as writers, we have continued exploring the text ‘The Lost Thing’. We used the story to help us write our very own playscripts!

The Lost Thing - Wikipedia


As mathematicians, we have started learning formal written methods of multiplication when multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.


As scientists, we have continued learning about teeth. We planned and set up an experiment to find out more about tooth decay. We put egg shells in different liquids (e.g. milk, Coca-Cola, water) and are very excited to look at them next week to see the impact they had on the eggs (teeth).


As geographers, we started our new topic of landscapes. We learnt what a landform was and then about mechanical weathering (when rocks get broken down into smaller pieces by physical processes such as ice, wind and water). We then conducted a range of experiments to see the impact that mechanical weathering can have on landforms (e.g. shaking chalk and salt together, swirling skittles in liquid, rubbing stones on sanding paper).

We also thoroughly enjoyed our first Year 4 swimming lessons this week!

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