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A Year 4 Class Post

Year 4 Spring 2 Week 1

We have had a brilliant first week of the term!

As writers, we have read the text ‘How to be a Viking’. We then planned and have started writing our own version of the story, where a main character has a fear that they need to overcome.

How to be a Viking: Amazon.co.uk: Cowell, Cressida: 9781444921366: Books


As mathematicians, we have started our learning on fractions. We have learnt how to count in fractions, partition fractions as well as order and compare fractions. We worked in groups to write fractions and then order ourselves from smallest to biggest fraction. We then completed an investigation to order fractions.


As historians, we have started our new topic learning all about the Vikings. We learnt about their invasion of England and created timelines to show the main events. We placed each event either higher or lower on the timeline to show how important each event was.


In DT, we started our topic on mechanisms (levers and sliders). Over the next few weeks, we will design and make our very own moving picture books. To help us with this, we explored a range of moving picture books, deciding which mechanism had been used.

As scientists, we have started our new topic of Living Things and their Habitats. We learnt how to sort and classify living things in Caroll or Venn diargams.

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