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A Year 4 Class Post

Year 4 Summer 1 Week 1

As writers, we have continued using the text ‘Lights on Cotton Rock’ to inspire us. We have imagined what the character Heather and the alien might say to each other when they meet, and created a persuasive piece of writing to convince Heather to stay with the alien or to return home to her parents.

Lights On Cotton Rock – David Litchfield Illustration


As mathematicians, we have continued developing our knowledge of decimals. We have learnt how to compare and order decimals, as well as how to round them to the nearest whole number.


As scientists, we started exploring how we can change states of matter. We conducted an experiment where we measured the temperature of the ice at regular intervals and observed small changes to the ice over time. We realised that some materials (such as ice) can change states of matter from solids to liquids.

As historians, we have started our new learning on the Egyptians! We started by exploring a range of source to find out who the Egyptians were and used our historical knowledge to find 10 deliberate mistakes in this painting.


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