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A Year 4 Class Post

Year 4 Summer 1 Week 3

As writers, we have learnt how to write our very own newspaper reports. We started by gathering quotes from witnesses to an alien abduction, and used these sources of information in our reports.

As mathematicians, we have finished our learning on decimals and have used this knowledge to help us with our new learning on money. We learnt that the decimal point in money separates the pounds from the pence!

As scientists, we planned and carried out an experiment exploring heating and cooling materials. We took a piece of chocolate and recorded how long it took to melt or cool, and the temperature at which it melted or cooled.

As geographers, we carried on our learning about transport, this time focusing on national road transport. We used a road atlas to help us discover different types of roads in England, as well as exploring the pros and cons to each type of road.

We are super excited about our Kingswood trip next Wednesday!!!

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