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A Year 4 Class Post

Year 4 Summer 2 Week 1

As writers, we have started reading the text ‘Mr Penguin’. In the story there is a museum that Mr Penguin visits. We wrote our own museum artefact labels as well as a guide to one of the exhibitions at the museum.

All the Mr Penguin Books in Order | Toppsta

As mathematicians, we have been learning how to convert an analogue time into a 24 hour digital time, and also to convert from digital times to analogue times.

As historians, we learnt that Howard Carter excavated a tomb in Egypt. We imagined that we were amongst Howard Carter’s archaeological team and went into the tomb to discover the different artefacts hidden there.

As scientists, we learnt about evaporation. We planned and carried out our own experiments to find out where the best place in the school is to dry clothes.

As digital learners, we learnt that you should check the accuracy of information on the internet by reading multiple sources of information. We used the internet to help us find if different statements were true or false.


As religious learners, we started our new topic trying to answer the big question ‘how and why do people mark significant events in life?’ We started by exploring our own lives and created a timeline of our lives with significant events on. We also discussed how not everyone has religion as part of their lives.

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