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A Year 5 Class Post

Year 5 Designers pinning patterns, fabric and stitching!

DT: Making bags

This week Year 5 designers learned how to design and create a pattern square to pin onto fabric to measure our square fabric pieces to create a pouch. This focus task allowed us to practise our stitching skills before we design and construct our bag next week.
Our teachers are so proud of our designing skills and how resilient we were!

Computing: Spread sheet- creating and using the count tool

In computing this week, we created our own vowel counter using the count tool on our spread sheet. A count tool counts the variable we want without us having to count ourselves! We looked at how many vowels and consonants are in our names, spelling words and the longest word in the world!

Science- exploring the force of Gravity!

Scientists measured the force of gravity by working as a collaborative team of scientists to choose objects to measure the mass using a weight scale then the weight or force of gravity using a Newton metre. We discovered there is a relationship between force and mass discovered that gravity pulls objects down with a force of approximately 1N for every 100g.

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