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A Year 5 Class Post

Year 5 Summer Term 2018 Overview

Year 5 are going to be kept very busy in this final, summer term.

We shall be learning about Ancient Greece, and the children have already discussed the sorts of things that they hope to learn about this topic. These include: entertainment; food and clothing; how and where they lived; the Trojan War and gods and goddesses. There will be opportunities for home learning, of which the children have already proved how their independent research and execution of their original and creative ideas can produce some high quality work. We are also arranging a ‘History-off-the-Page’ activity day, in which the children can experience first-hand the crafts and materials that the Greeks would have used, finishing off with a banquet as they watch (or perform) the entertainments suitable for an Ancient Greek theatre.

The whole school is embarking on an English project based on a book called ‘Frog Belly Rat Bone,’ and this links into cross curricular activities such as science, art and DT. The outcome of this will be an exhibition at the end of the term, displaying some outstanding writing. As part of this project, Year 5 will be producing their own crop of potatoes and sunflowers and will be observing the changes over time. Also in science, we are focusing on life processes, looking at life cycles and reproduction in both plants and animals.

Before we start to focus on the writing exhibition, the children will be introduced to William Shakespeare. Looking at two of his famous plays, Hamlet and Macbeth, the children will use drama and discussion to understand both tragedies without having to get too caught up with the actual language used.

We shall continue to work through a variety of maths units, including measuring angles, using formal methods to solve increasingly challenging problems and of course ensuring that everyone understands the importance of practising their times tables to improve efficiency in their recall in number problems.

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