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A Year 5 Class Post

Year 5’s marvelous home learning

Year 5 have started summer term off with enthusiasm and hard work- continuing the fantastic work they completed at the end of Spring term! This summer term, we have been introduced to one of the world’s greatest playwrights Shakespeare! We understand that you do not need to be a classic-literature lover or Shakespearean expert to appreciate his wonderful stories and unique way of language and expression. It has been amazing to see Year 5 fully immerse  themselves in trying to understand and interpret Shakespeare’s language, themes and characters which still seem relevant today as they did 500 years ago.

There has been excellent work completed including creative comic strip interpretations and compelling arguments!

We also, have traveled to Ancient Greece and modern Greece for our History and Geography learning! We have begun looking at the six periods of ages for Ancient Greece and how it shaped their society and people, we will adding to our Greek learning journey over the next few weeks by learning the cultures, politics and religion.

In Science, we have started to explore different lifecycles starting with birds and mammals and insects before learning how it compares to plants and human lifecycles.

Here is some of the fantastic learning produced from home! Well done Y5 and parents of Y5. Open the pdf links to view the other Y5 work.

Anya’s timeline

Cathal Elders Duncan letter

Martha’s venn diagram



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