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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 Blog w/b 6th December

Another very successful week in year 6!

We are so proud of the year 5 and year 6 children for their Christmas performance at Christchurch on Monday. We are sorry that it was not a “live” event but feel sure that you will enjoy the video Mr Allan made during the afternoon.

The children sang beautifully and recited their readings with confidence. A number of children wrote their own prayers too, which was lovely. The orchestra and choir demonstrated their talents admirably, as did the ukulele players!

Mrs Davies has worked extremely hard with both year groups and reaped the rewards during the performance!

Our story writing is developing well; children are using their knowledge and skills to create a piece in a chosen genre.

We have started our DT project and are looking forward to devoting time to it next week, when we will use our knowledge of electricity to help create a “safe” for our chosen artefact.

As historians, we learned about Hernan Cortes conquering the Aztecs. The children demonstrated their understanding by narrating a drama piece which was then filmed.

We enjoyed our hour of coding very much; a lovely addition this week to our regular computing session on spreadsheets.

It has been really lovely to share the children’s home learning this week; there are so many budding Masterchef contestants out there, showing off their Mexican recipe skills!

Next week will see the timetable altered with the arrival of the Bikeability team. I know that the children are looking forward to this very much!

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