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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 – Brave colour

We have had a focus on ‘Brave colour’ in our Art lessons for Spring term.  We have taken inspiration from various artists, worked on our water colour skills, mood boards, colour schemes and linked graphics and colour to create our 3D cubes for our interpretation of ‘Brave colour’.


We have had our second big art afternoon today where Beech and Spruce worked together across both classrooms to finish their projects.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with all the pupils together and it has been a great opportunity for them to mix with friends across the year group.  Many of the children are anticipating secondary visits this afternoon and collaboration across the classes helps the children get to know more people in preparation for this.  We really hope that your children got their wish and that they are excited about their new school selection.

We have also used the sunny afternoon to explore examples of structures in our school grounds as an introduction to our Structures topic in DT for this half term.  The Black-book homework extends this learning to look for examples within your local area.

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