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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6: Exploring prayer and reflective spaces.

Another successful week!

In RE we enjoyed a wonderful carousel of ten activities on Friday. The children moved silently in groups of three and worked individually to follow the prompts on the activity cards.

This proved extremely popular with the children and the atmosphere was certainly calm and thoughtful as they carried out each activity. We had initially discussed Christian, Buddhist and Humanist practices.

As scientists, we used a selection of equipment to demonstrate and prove something about light and we were delighted with the varied responses from each group. Blogging lessons continued on Thursday and this has formed the basis of this week’s home learning.

In dance, our Titanic routines are progressing well; today we choreographed our own Irish Jigs!

As writers, we have considered levels of formality in speech as we composed and performed a play script dialogue with a friend based on our book “Hermelin”.

We have been consolidating our ratio skills as mathematicians and in art we have started to create a Mayan mood board in preparation for our fabric printing at the end of the topic.




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