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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6: Finches and Frisbees!

Another great week in year 6! It was lovely to talk about the children during our Parents Evenings. Thank you very much for your support and positivity. We would like to re-iterate just how pleased and impressed we are at how the children have settled back into the routines.

It is wonderful that we are able to use the field now; it makes such a difference to have the larger areas for our bubbles.

The learning continues: our ratio topic has concluded and next week we shall be reading and interpreting line graphs, looking at pie charts and consolidating understanding of the circle.

Both classes have written some fantastic letters about whether SATs should be re-instated and in science we have been considering the Theory of Evolution, with reference to Darwin’s finches.

Our Mayan project work continues. The children have selected an aspect of that society which appeals to them and chosen how to present their learning. We already have a great variety of pieces on display. Computing has seen us discussing the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web…please watch out for a brief fun questionnaire which may come your way!

Finally, it was lovely to round off the week with Friday PE Enrichment activities: Badminton for Beech and Ultimate Frisbee for Spruce. The children really appreciated this and we thank Mr Smith for organising it!

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