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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 Phase Visit

In another busy week year 6 scientists have been devising their own experiments to observe and record the effect of different types of exercise on their pulse rates. This is a continuation of our studies on the circulatory system.

As gymnasts, we have perfected our partner skills in our unit on mirroring and matching. The children have shown great creativity in devising their own routines and performing them for the rest of the class.

Neelam has now completed his visits for this term but we hope to see him return in the summer for a follow-up Mindfulness session.

We were lucky to host the Phase team from Christchurch once more. The story of Easter was the focus and next term they will be rejoining us for a session on transition to secondary school.

We have completed our designs for our WWII  rationed cakes which we are looking forward to baking next week!

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