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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 Spruce Blog Friday 7th October

Here are some thoughts from Spruce class about this week’s learning:

“I really enjoyed writing our own Spiderwick poem based on our creatures.” Rosie.

” I enjoyed doing the combined history/ art lesson based on our Black History Month assembly.” Lauren.

“I liked doing the observational drawing and coding.” James.

” I enjoyed reading the poem Leisure by W.H. Davies on World Poetry Day.” Rudy.

“I enjoyed writing about the River Troll in Spiderwick.” Esme.

“I enjoyed writing about a Changeling in a letter to Mrs Thomas.” Zac.

I liked acting with a partner as part of our Will ‘o’ the Wisp newspaper report in English.” Luca.

“I appreciated going over our arithmetic paper in maths.” Albie.

“I enjoyed created my “Giant” poem for our World Poetry Day display.” Clemie.

“I liked helping the year threes and fours at lunchtime today.” Alice.

“I enjoyed helping to write the comics for the school newspaper.” Dylan.

“I really enjoyed the Tag Rugby festival.” Milo.

“I liked playing in the netball match on Wednesday.” Audrey.

“I enjoyed representing the school on Tuesday at football.” Frank.

“The home learning was good because you get to choose how to present it.” Tom

“I really enjoyed the basketball.” Toren.

“I enjoyed doing the art.” Bella S.


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