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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 W/B 25th April

In Year 6 this week, we have been working hard in Maths to make sure our pupils are feeling as confident as possible for our SATs test; this has been focusing on revising some areas including long division and long multiplication. We have also had a whole class investigation into the mean average shoe size in Year 6 (Size 4.5).


In English we have written a piece of comedy writing linked to the adventures to Mr Bean. Children used the passive voice to write their hilarious beach adventure comedy episode and enjoyed sharing their ideas.


We have been working hard getting started on our new topic areas in Year 6 this week:  As Historians, we have been looking at the Victorian era and using our skills of chronology to create Victorian timelines, knowledge of the Victorians will be enhanced by a visit to Osborne house in the Isle of Wight.


As Scientists, we are exploring Evolution and Inheritance. Introduction to this topic saw lots of pupils trying to roll their tongues and exploring other areas they have inherited.  Pupils explored what they wanted to learn which posed some interesting questions; “What did we evolve from?” “Why do dogs malt?” “Can you breed different animals?”   We looked at inheritance through the breeding of dogs and pupils created their own combinations of dogs with some interesting names such as a “Whorgi” – Whippet and Corgie.


In Art this week, we explored the detail of observational drawing and had a very calm and peaceful afternoon, observing and drawing our own hands – we have been so impressed by the effort Year 6 put into this work and the outcomes are fantastic – we look forward to sharing these with you.


We hope you all have a lovely, restful Bank holiday weekend – let’s hope the sun reappears!


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