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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 W/B 27th September

Pupil voice from Beech:

“Phase came in and we learnt more about being resilient, being a good role model as year 6 children and the importance of being responsbile. We mostly learnt about secondary school life and how it isn’t scary at all!”

Ruby S


“I found the activities with Phase really fun. It taught me to be less scared about new things and the bidding activity taught me more about money and what I should spend money on.” Nafeesa M


“From this lesson, I have learnt a lot more things from this group called Phase. They have taught me more about applying resilience, being a responsible individual and how I can use this to be a positive role model. They also helped me grow my confidence about moving on to secondary school.”


Many thanks indeed to the Phase team!

In addition this week, children have had the exciting opportunity around HGS; many have come back to class reassured and very happy!

We are all using the Success Criteria well in english lessons to really improve upon our writing; our pieces on Spiderwick creatures are showing great imagination as well as use of passive and active, subordinating clauses and the semi-colon.

Next week in maths we shall be consolidating our maths skill of multiplying four digits by two digits as well as being able to apply this to real life problems.

We are so proud that our year 6 children are showing enthusiasm towards their lessons and are using their social and organisational skills to good effect in all the collaborative learning we are doing.


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