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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 Week beginning 14th January

Another highly productive and varied week!

Lots of practical learning has taken place in lessons: as scientists we got tangled up in wool when working in groups to represent the path of light travelling in straight lines! The concept is well and truly fixed in the minds of all, and the “Blue Peter” style presentations from the children helped to reinforce this.

As historians, we studied the various Maya farming techniques and then spent time working together to make a card model of a terraced farm, used ingeniously to maximise crop growing area. The children’s feedback on this was extremely positive and they were able to blog about their most memorable lessons and moments from the week during our computing session.

We developed our dance routines about the Titanic, considering the different classes who were aboard the ill-fated ship and as artists, we created moodboards about Mayan art in preparation for our printing sessions later in the term. This was another extremely popular lesson with the children, with their blogs reflecting this.

We have been using “Hermelin – The Mouse Detective” by Mini Grey as our text for the week, unpicking what makes vocabulary effective and using it to consider the different levels of formality of speech. Our reading text of Dracula proved quite popular too!

As mathematicians we have consolidated our understand of multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and also by integers, applying this to real-life situations.

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