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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 Week beginning 16th January.

This week, as writers, we have written some wonderful diary entries based on our book “Hermelin”. The main focus was demonstrating our range of punctuation and the end results were extremely pleasing.

As geographers, we have considered the human impact on the rainforest and decided on steps to alleviate its destruction. This will form useful background information in english next week as our unit of work shifts to persuasive writing.

In science, we have proven that light travels in straight lines and practised how to accurately represent this in diagrams.

Phase paid us a visit on Tuesday with another workshop – this one entitled “Get Set!”

In maths, we have started our unit of work on algebra as well as practising our arithmetic skills to ensure we don’t forget our methods.

As artists, we refined our Mayan moodboard in preparation for our printing and in computing we started to compose our blogs on word but not shared on any social platform.

In music, we have started to think of our own lyrics in preparation for some song writing later in the term and in PE we are continuing our dance routines. This week, we struck the iceberg!



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