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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 Week beginning 20th Feb written by James and Dylan (Spruce)

In year six this week we have started a new subject in history: The kingdom of Benin! In our first lesson, we wrote down facts about the Benin people and their culture, taken from the BBC Bitesize website, such as: ” They traded goods instead of money,” and “The god of wealth, who was called Olokun, was also god of the ocean.”

As scientists, we are now studying Animals including humans: In our first lesson we learned about the human heart, and its properties.  Our first assignment was naming parts of the circulatory  system (Mainly arteries and veins).

In PE, we have finished our unit of work about orienteering. Our lesson today was in house groups trying to get around the points on each other’s maps in the fastest time possible.

As musicians, we have started to make our own tunes that go with the lyrics we wrote earlier in the month. We used electric pianos to make bass lines.

In English, we have recently started reading the novel “Pig Heart Boy” by Malorie Blackman. We continued the story from chapter four by imagining a conversation between the family characters.

In Jigsaw lessons, we imagined we were agony aunts and gave advice to imaginary cases such as not getting enough sleep and peer pressure regarding smoking.



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