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A Year 6 Class Post

Year 6 Week beginning 7th November

This week, as geographers, we have been naming, locating , comparing the countries of South America using topographical maps and precise vocabulary. We have used keys to identify populations and land height.

In science, we are revisiting the topic of electricity. We have familiarised ourselves with the universal component symbols and have used these to draw our own circuits according to specific criteria.

PE lessons have seen us developing our communication and tactics skills; today’s lesson was a version of the classic board game “Mastermind” which some of you may remember!

Zac from .breathe visited us again for the second of his four sessions. Optional resources have been uploaded to the Google Drive in case anyone wants to revisit the calming techniques we practised in class.

In RE, we have been considering the term “Messiah” and “Annunciation” and comparing the prophets and the gospels versions.

As poets, we have compared , drafted , written and performed some wonderful war poetry, loaded with powerful imagery and figurative language. During a very respectful assembly on Friday, which incorporated the two minutes’ silence, a poem was read out to complement the traditional “For the Fallen” by Lawrence Binyan.



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