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A Year 6 Class Post

Year6: Swimming week one!

Another great week in Year 6. It was lovely to meet a number of you last night at the Welcome Evening; for those unable to attend, your child should have a booklet in his or her bag!

It was great to go swimming with the children this week; a first for me since joining the school. I was so impressed by their attitude and the organisation at the pool. I’m sure each child will make great progress this term.

At school, we have started our studies about Spiderwick in English. This is always a very popular topic and the children are already impressing us with their warning posters of Cockatrices and their descriptions of Trolls. The work will culminate later in the term with some beautiful display work of their own imaginary fantastical creature.

In maths, we have come to the end of our unit on place value and we are looking forward to receiving revision booklets to send home shortly. These booklets will consolidate our learning in class and have been funded by the school. Mrs Reed and I know that they are an excellent resource to use for home learning.

We have already had a number of lovely pieces submitted for the Digital Footprint homework. It always pleases us to see how creative the children can be.

In geography, we have continued our studies about world trade – this time using atlases to research where our main imports and exports come from. As scientists, we have used laptops to classify a chosen animal based on Carl Linnaeus’s taxonomy system from the eighteenth century, which is still used today.

RE lessons have seen us working in groups to reflect how following the Buddhist Eightfold Path may prove problematic in today’s society, whilst discussing the eight essential core principals.

In PSHE we discussed our favourite chocolate as well as learning about the children in Ghana who work hard to harvest the necessary cocoa beans.

We look forward to next week, when we shall be continuing to share our class reader with the classes: The Boy At The Back Of The Class is proving extremely popular!

The Boy at the Back of the Class - Read book online

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