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A Year 6 Class Post

Yearbook Preparation

This week we have been planning and drafting our Yearbook entries that will be published in a glossy book for them to keep to hold dear. We considered our time as pupils of Samuel Lucas and how we have changed during our years here. In addition, we reflected on what our favourite memories were at our school and how we feel about leaving to start a new chapter in our lives.

In Maths, we have continued to apply our knowledge of angles to shapes; hexagons and quadrilaterals. Most of us entered the learning pit due to the trickier aspects of angles, but we are clawing our way out and are making great progress.

In PSHE, we had our lesson on loss. We reflected on the stages of grief and how grief affects our lives differently, as we all cope with grief differently.

P.E Enrichment continues: Spruce now taking part in Badminton and Beech playing Ultimate Frisbee.

From our interview with Mr McAdams, we have chosen a way to show our learning of how the school has developed over the years. Some chose letters to Mr McAdam to thank him for giving us time to interview him and allowing us to gain such a insight into how the school developed and the reasons why those changes were needed. Some of us wrote Newspaper reports, whilst others showed their understanding in different ways.

Science saw us learning the Peppered Moth and in R.E we have been studying Humanism.

The children were excited to have found out their End of Year Trips to Whipsnade and Well-Next-The-Sea.

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