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Newsletter 1 – September 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school and welcome to all of our new families. It has been lovely seeing the children arriving punctually in the mornings in their new school uniforms ready for learning.

Morning Arrival at School

Just a reminder about our early morning routines. In reception classes the doors will open at 8.45am and children and parents are welcomed into the cloakroom where they can help their children prepare for their day. At 8.45am children in the rest of the school will be met by teachers from the playground. This is the time for parents who need a quick word to speak to the teachers can do so, as they will not be available once they have taken the children into class. If you wish to speak to a teacher after they have gone into class please come to the school office and leave a message and the teacher will contact you. All children will then be in class ready for registration at 8.55am, when all external doors throughout the school will be closed. If children arrive after 8.55am and the doors are closed they need to come to the school office so that they can be registered. Please help your children to be in school on time and ready for learning. To enhance our safeguarding procedures we would like to lock the school gates by 9.05am and therefore ask parents to leave the school grounds as quickly as possible once your child has gone into school.

Playground safety

With our ever growing school there are more people in the playgrounds in the morning and after school. Please can you help us to keep our children safe by reminding your children to dismount from their bikes and scooters when they enter the school grounds. Please do not allow your children or their younger siblings to play on the playground equipment before or after school.


All long hair is to be tied up. Hairbands may be worn but should be discrete in school colours, no large hair accessories are to be worn. Items of jewellery should not be worn. In the interest of safety only one set of ear studs are permitted. These must be removed or covered during P.E.


It is appreciated if any requests for payments for trips, school lunches etc. are made on time. Please send any payments in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on and indicate what the payment is for. We will be putting up a locked post box in the new conservatory porch for parents to post any envelopes and payments for the office to alleviate any queuing in the school office.


We have read in the local newspaper that several past Samuel Lucas pupils have achieved amazing results in their GCSE exams. Amongst others, these past pupils were named as achieving 10 or more A* or A grades: Louis Condon, Patrick Sloan and Ben Sutton (Horne). Well done!

Diary Dates – Autumn Term

Date Class Event Time
Thurs 14th September Year 3 Celtic Harmony School day
Mon 18th September Reception, Yr 1 & Yr 2 Parents welcome meeting 7pm-8pm
Wed 20th September Year 5 NHSSP Olympic Event School day
Thurs 21st September Yrs 3,4,5,6 Parents welcome meeting 7pm-8pm
Mon 25th September Whole School Individual school photos School day
Wed 4th October Reception Parents Phonics & Maths Workshop 6.30pm-7.15pm
Wed 4th October Yr 1 & Yr 2 Parents Literacy & Maths Workshop 7.30pm – 8.15pm
Mon 16th October Reception – Year 6 Parents Evening 5pm – 8pm
Wed 18th October Reception – Year 6 Parents Evening 4pm – 7pm
Fri 20th October Yr 1 & Yr 2 Harvest Assembly 9.30am
Fri 20th October Yr 3 – Yr 6 Harvest Festival Service at Christ Church 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Mon 11th December Hazel / Hawthorn Christmas Play 2.00pm
Tues 12th December Birch / Oak Christmas Play 2.00pm
Fri 15th December Reception Christmas Concert 9.30am
Fri 15th December Yr 3 – 6 Carol Concert – Christ Church 2.00pm

School Term Dates

Autumn Term (*INSET day 4th Sep 2017)
Wednesday 5th September 2017 – Tuesday 19th December
Half term – 23rd Oct to 27th Oct 2017

Spring Term (*INSET day 3rd Jan 2018)
Thursday 4th January 2018 – Thursday 29th March 2018
Half Term – 12th Feb to 16th Feb 2018

Summer Term (*INSET day 16th April 2018)
Tuesday 17th April 2018 – Friday 20th July 2018
Half Term – 28th May to 1st June 2018

*INSET Days 23rd & 24th July 2018
*Children do not attend school on INSET days

Yours sincerely,

Tracy Thomas – Headteacher

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