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Samuel Lucas Parents Association


Who we are

When a child joins Samuel Lucas School, the parents/carers automatically become members of The Samuel Lucas Parents’ Association (SLPA). The SLPA is run by a committee group of thriving parents who meet once a month to ensure the school experience is enhanced for the whole community.  They aim to organise approximately six events per school year, which bring together the children, parents, staff and local community, in an enjoyable and fun way, and at the same time, raise valuable funds for the school. The main events are the Summer and Christmas Fayres, and  the school summer Barbecue which brings the year to a close nicely. All of these events raise a considerable amount of money for the children at the school to enrich their learning experience.

In the past the SLPA have made possible the purchase of extra equipment, apparatus and educational materials that the school could not otherwise have afforded. Their many successful events have benefited every child in the school. Their hard work has paid for the Year 6 leavers’ books, the outdoor gym equipment  support towards the purchase of computer hardware, the KS2 Fitness Trail and various visiting theatre groups to entertain the children, to name but a few! Most recently the SLPA supported the Book Week and Exhibition by paying for the Eric Carle collection of books and providing funds to have the children’s art work printed on canvases.

The President of the committee is Head Teacher, Tracy Thomas. Some of the committee have specific roles (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Finance Officer, Secretary, Health and Safety Officer) whilst others deal with lots of things, according to the time and skills they have to give. No one is under any obligation to remain on the committee until all their children leave the school – though many of us do!

Forthcoming Events

The SLPA organises a variety of events throughout the school year.

Each event is organised by a small sub-group of the main committee, often with support from various parents who wish to help on a less formal basis.

You can see our upcoming events below.

Event Date Information
SLPA Meeting 18.11.2019 8pm
SLPA Meeting 05.12.2019 8pm
Christmas Tree Festival 07.12.2019 & 08.12.2019 TBC
Christmas Fayre 07.12.2019 11.30am – 2pm
SLPA Meeting 15.01.2020 8pm
School Disco No.1 07.02.2020 TBC
SLPA Meeting 11.02.2020 8pm
Quiz Night 06.03.2020 TBC
Film Night 27.03.2020 TBC
Easter Colouring Competition w/c 30.03.2020 All week
Easter Egg Hunt 03.04.2020 2pm
School Disco No.2 12.06.2020 TBC
SLPA Picnic 10.07.2020 TBC


The SLPA meets around once per month, usually at The Highlander pub in Hitchin. Meetings start at 8pm and end around 10pm. The environment is informal although we have a set agenda to ensure that we make the meetings as productive as possible.

The meetings are an opportunity to discuss all aspects of the SLPA’s work including finance, Health & Safety, committee news and of course the organisation of events. We hold our Annual General Meeting at the beginning of the school year, where we elect our new committee members for the next 12 months.

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Contact Us

Without the interest, involvement and commitment of the SLPA committee members, we would not be able to continue offering great events and funds to provide better facilities, activities and equipment for the school.

If you are interested in joining the SLPA, or want to know more then please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you. Please note that you do not have to be a committee member to help out at any of our events. Any offer of help will always be gratefully received.

You can contact the SLPA at enquiries.slpa@gmail.com or feel free to leave a note in the red SLPA tray in the school office.