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Our Learning

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 at Samuel Lucas

The first year of Key Stage 1 (KS1). There are 2 classes in Year 1, and both have direct access to the KS1 playground.

Hazel Class

Miss Rigg is the class teacher in Hazel class.

Birch Class

Mrs Tarr and Miss Painter are the class teachers in Birch class.

Year 1 Spring Term 2020

This term, our topic in Year 1 is called Amazing Places and Spaces in the UK. In our theme we will be exploring the United Kingdom and the countries within it. We will learn about each country’s flag, capital city, national flower, physical/human landmarks and its saint.

Linked to our English, we will be writing our own non-chronological reports, reciting and creating poems, writing instructions and writing our very own stories.

In Maths we will continue developing our understanding of numbers to 50 and the related addition and subtraction facts. We will also start to explore different types of measurement such as length and height, time and mass.

As scientists, we will be focusing on materials and their properties. We will be developing our prediction, observation and investigation skills to identify and classify materials.

In Computing we will continue to develop our understanding of Online Safety. We will also be learning how to use the internet to search for images. We will use this skill to help us create our very own PowerPoint presentations.

In RE we are looking at identity and belonging as well as beliefs and practices of different religions including Easter. We will also explore how different communities welcome new life.

Our PE focus will be dance this term where we will be learning how to develop ideas and choreograph sequences. With Mr Smith it will be focusing on target games.

In PSHE & RSE theme for the first Spring Term is “Dreams and Goals”. In Year 1, our weekly sessions include:

  • setting ourselves simple goals and working out how to achieve them,
  • tackling new challenges and identifying and overcoming obstacles which make it difficult to achieve them and finally,
  • practising describing how we feel and how we celebrate when we succeed in a new challenge.

Every lesson has a social and emotional development learning intention which focusses on either how we communicate or our feelings.

Vocabulary will include: motivate, challenging, positive attitude, celebrate, persevere and resilience.

In PSHE & RSE our theme for the second Spring Term is “Healthy Me”.  In Year 1, our weekly sessions include:

  • Knowing the difference between being healthy and unhealthy and knowing some ways to keep healthy
  • Knowing how to keep myself clean and healthy and understand how germs cause disease or illness
  • Knowing that medicines can help if we feel poorly and knowing how to use them safely
  • Knowing how to keep safe when crossing the road

Every lesson has a social and emotional development learning intention which focusses on either how we communicate or our feelings.

Vocabulary for this half term: healthy, unhealthy, balanced, exercise, sleep, choices, keeping clean, body parts, toiletry items (e.g. toothbrush, shampoo, soap), hygienic, safe, safety, medicines, trust, Green Cross Code, eyes, ears, look, listen, wait

Year 1 Autumn Term 2019

In English we will be learning to use labels and captions. We will be trying very hard to master a perfect pencil grip and practising our pre-cursive letter formation. We will also spend time reading and performing poetry.

In Maths we will continue to develop our understanding of number by focusing on place value, addition and subtraction. We will also look at the properties of shapes in Geometry.

In Science we will be focusing on animals including humans. As part of this, we will learn about our bodies and classifying animals.

In Computing we will be learning some basic computer skills such as how to use the laptops safely.

Our theme this term is called ‘Let’s Remember’. In our theme we will be exploring our local war memorial and investigating how and why we remember those who fought in the wars. We will also use our art skills to make our own remembrance poppies.

In PE we are developing our gymnastics skills and practising different ways to move with our bodies through dance using different media such as ribbons, sound and stories to encourage different types of movements.

We look forward to a fun filled Autumn Term with Year 1!

Core Subjects

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