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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 at Samuel Lucas

The third year of Key Stage 2 (KS2).  Both classrooms for Year 5 can access the KS2 playground via the main entrance to the new school building.

In the third year of Key Stage 2 (KS2) we aim to develop the children’s independence and help them to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

The Maple class teacher is Miss Smith.

The Walnut class teacher is Miss Mai.

Year 5 Spring Term 2020

Year 5 can look forward to some exciting learning this Spring Term. Our theme for History and Geography is Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, where we will be comparing their similarities and differences in religion, culture, fashion, settlements and even diet! We will also be learning about how the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons not only invaded Britain, but also how they influenced British History.

Of course, we will be making cross-curricular links. In Art we will be studying and creating our own sections of the Bayeux tapestry’s representation of the Battle of Hastings, and in Science, by investigating what materials would best suit the Anglo-Saxons’ and Vikings’ way of life.

As mathematicians, we will be building on our knowledge of multiplication and division by learning more methods of calculation such as the grid and column method, then moving on to fractions and decimals.

In English, we have started our Suspense and Mystery unit using The Boy in the Tower as our core text, before focusing on persuasive writing. Beware, we may become so good at using these techniques, that we might even persuade you to let us have chocolate for dinner!

As religious experts, we will be learning about celebrations of key figures in religions, for example, Moses and the Jewish celebration of Passover. As always, we will be using our studies of other people’s religions to reflect on our own religious, spiritual and humanist beliefs to encourage acceptance of our own responses as well as others’ opinions.


Year 5 Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to Year 5!

This year, Maple class will be taught by Miss Smith, and Walnut class will be taught by Miss Mai. We are lucky to have Ms Thrussell and Mrs Fisher supporting the children in the classrooms.

Our theme this term is called Land of the Free, and is based on the continent of North America. We shall be exploring a range of geographical, historical and cultural features as we develop knowledge, skills and interests across the curriculum.

We have started building on our vocabulary in English as we have been inspired by various pictures and film clips to help create and perform some original, descriptive poetry. This will lead onto traditional tales writing, based on real life legends such as John Henry. We shall be incorporating grammar, spellings and vocabulary into the lessons, and fine-tuning the writing as the term progresses.

In Maths we have started to look at place value and comparing larger numbers up to a million, and this will stand the children in good stead as they continue to work through the curriculum for the term. The children can work both individually and collaboratively within the lessons, and each morning they will have the chance to consolidate their learning from the previous day to ensure a solid understanding as well as offering an opportunity to address any misconceptions.

We are looking at Earth and Space in our science lessons, and finding out about how the Earth, Sun and Moon move in relation to each other and to our own world.

In Computing, we shall be using Kodu and Scratch to design and code a simple game, concentrating on algorithms and debugging the game as it develops.

In PE, the children will start to look at dance techniques, and creating their own motifs and short sequences for the Haka. We shall then be looking at authentic Native American dances, and each class will create, develop and perform their own dance based on a specific event.

We are very much looking forward to the exciting term ahead.

Miss Mai and Miss Smith

Core Subjects

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