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Our Learning

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 at Samuel Lucas

The final year of Key Stage 2 (KS2). As of September 2019 there is now two Year 6 classes, Beech and Spruce.  Both classrooms for Year 6 can access the KS2 playground via the main entrance to the new school building.

The final year of KS2 is a very exciting time for the children, leading to the next milestone in their education – moving onto secondary school.

The Spruce class teacher is Mr Burgess.

The Beech class teacher is Miss Gibson.

Year 6 Spring Term 2020

We are looking forward to the start of the new term and all the challenges and opportunities that it promises. We shall be asking ourselves the key questions at all times: What are we learning? What skills are we using? Our focus in all we do is to reflect upon these issues and have an open mindset about our learning; mistakes are great if we learn from them as they help our brain to grow.

In English, we will be producing a variety of pieces in addition to our weekly Writing Workshop. Persuasive writing, discussion and poetry will be studied in particular. Our Reciprocal Reading sessions will continue, helping the children with a wealth of discussion and comprehension skills. Home Learning will continue to involve the specific year 6 spelling list and consolidate a variety of rules and patterns.

The maths curriculum is providing us with many opportunities to consolidate existing skills, as well as learning new challenging methods. Practical resources, partner work, small group work and home learning tasks will all help to contribute to the children’s success.

Our topic for the term is Conflict: WW1 and WW2. The children have already contributed to the planning stage, compiling a list of questions which they would like answered during their studies. Geographical, historical, artistic, DT and computing skills will all be nurtured and developed during these mini-project based lessons.

“Light” and “Evolution and Inheritance” are our science topics this term. Our gym and games skills will be developed in PE and Mrs Footer will, as usual, encourage some marvellous work in music lessons. Expression of faith using art and drama will be studied in RE.

In PSHE & RSE theme for the Spring Term 1 is “Dreams and Goals”. In Year 6, our weekly sessions include:

  • Expressing personal learning goals, in and out of school and planning how to meet them
  • Exploring the emotions felt in success, including motivation and compliments
  • Understanding ways to make a difference in the world
  • Enjoying recognising achievements

Every lesson has a social and emotional development learning intention which focusses on either how we communicate or our feelings.

Vocabulary will include: dream, hope, goal, strengths, learning steps, global, concern, hardship, sponsorship, empathy, motivation, admire, respect, contribution, recognition.

In PSHE & RSE theme for the Spring Term 2 is “Healthy Me”. In Year 6, our weekly sessions include:

  • Taking responsibility
  • Learning how substances affect the body
  • Understanding exploitation and ‘gang culture’
  • Developing discussion around emotional and mental health
  • Finding strategies to manage stress

Every lesson has a social and emotional development learning intention which focusses on either how we communicate or our feelings.

Vocabulary will include: responsibility, choice, immunisation, prevention, drugs, prescribed, unrestricted, illegal, volatile substances, exploited, vulnerable, criminal, gangs, pressure, strategies, anti-social behaviour, crime, mental and emotional health, mental illness, symptoms, stress, triggers, pressure, strategies.

This year, the spring term is very short! Clearly, opportunities for the children to consolidate and learn skills to achieve their full potential in SATs will continue to be covered both in class and as part of Home Learning. Your support in this matter is, as always, very much appreciated.


Year 6 Autumn Term 2019

A very warm welcome to the exciting, final year at Samuel Lucas. Year six will be taught by Mr Burgess and Miss Gibson. Mrs Sewell will be taking Spruce for an hour on Monday mornings to allow for leadership cover, as well as teaching Beech every Tuesday. Ms Bernstein is our invaluable TA.

In English we will be consolidating a wealth of skills by incorporating grammar, vocabulary and spellings into a variety of genres and writing opportunities. We begin the term by studying Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You.

Maths lessons will follow the agreed syllabus which covers all the requirements of the curriculum for the autumn term. Each lesson will focus on a key objective and the children will have the opportunity to question, reflect, work collaboratively as well as individually and, above all, seek help if unsure! A system of self-evaluation will take place each lesson to ensure that the children are as confident as they can be and to alert their teacher to those requiring additional input.

In science we begin by studying living things and their habitats. In the second half of the term we will be moving onto explore electricity.
During our computing lessons, we are demonstrating our awareness of e-safety as well as using the laptops for all manner of independent research. Later in the term we shall be creating our own “Kodu” game world to link with our geography topic.

Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Zones is the title of our topic theme this term. We will be studying the different types of volcano within the Ring of Fire and understanding how human behaviour is affected by natural phenomena.

Throughout our RE lessons this term we will be learning more about Christianity and Buddhism. French and PE will be taught by Mrs Sewell and Mr Smith on Monday afternoons, with our second PE slot being Wednesday afternoon.

In PSHE & RSE theme for the Autumn Term 1 is “Being Me in My World”. In Year 6, our weekly sessions include:

  • Identifying goals for the year
  • Learning about Global citizenship
  • Understanding Children’s universal rights
  • Discovering what feeling welcome and valued mean
  • Linking choices, consequences and rewards
  • Understanding democracy and having a voice
  • Learning about anti-social behaviour and being a role-model

Every lesson has a social and emotional development learning intention which focusses on either how we communicate or our feelings.

Vocabulary will include: goals, rights, community, education, empathy, opportunity, choice, responsibilities, rewards, consequences, cooperation, collaboration, legal, illegal, lawful.

In PSHE & RSE theme for the Autumn Term 2 is “Celebrating Difference”. In Year 6, our weekly sessions include:

  • Exploring perception of normality and understanding of disability.
  • Discussing power struggles.
  • Understanding bullying and inclusion/exclusion
  • Recognising differences as conflict and differences as celebration.

Every lesson has a social and emotional development learning intention which focusses on either how we communicate or our feelings.

Vocabulary will include: disability, impairment, perception, empathy, diversity, transgender, gender diversity, fairness, rights, responsibilities, harassment, bullying, argument, achievement, perseverance, admiration, celebration.

Here’s to a happy and productive year ahead; the four classrooms upstairs are now full!

Core Subjects

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