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Samuel Lucas Governing Board

The Governing Board is part of the Leadership and Management of the school and works within the Department for Education and Local Authority guidelines and provides an independent view of the school. Governors set the vision and strategic direction and try to improve the school, ensuring that the aims and vision are implemented through long term development.

The Governing Board provides an oversight of the management and operation of the school, with the aim of improving the quality of education provided and raising standards. The Governing Board does not run the school on a day to day basis. The daily management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and the other senior staff.

The Governing Board will usually meet between 4 and 5 times in each academic year. The meetings are usually held in the evening and last approximately two hours. The Governing Board has also established Committees to focus on different areas of the School. These Committees will tend to meet once or twice a term and again, usually meet in the evenings. The Committees are:

  • Resources Committee (Finance / Personnel / Premises)
  • School Improvement Committee
  • Appoint the Headteacher and other senior staff
  • Help set the school’s vision, aims, plans and policies
  • Offer support and advice to the school
  • Act as a “critical friend”, challenging the school leadership where appropriate
  • Approve and monitor the school’s budget
  • Ensure the policies are appropriate and are implemented in the school
  • Visit the school to confirm policies are implemented and to understand the school better
  • Help to develop community links
  • Review pupil discipline
  • Focus on a safe and well-maintained learning environment
  • Managing the day-to-day aspects of school life
  • Inspecting the school and its teaching and learning
  • Deciding on the way pupils are taught;
  • Determining whether a pupil should be excluded
The Governing Board is made up of up to 12 members. There are 5 categories of members for a Community School: Parent; Staff; Community, Coopted and Local Authority. The Governing Board may also appoint an Associate Member.

A full list of the current Governors are as follows:

Ben FullerChair / Co-optedFebruary 2019 - 2024Governing BoardBen is an employee of Herts for Learning Ltd. which supplies services to schools.NoneNoneNone
Tracy ThomasHeadteacherNoneNoneNoneNone
Michael TaylorLA GovernorJune 2020 - 2024Governing BoardNoneNoneNoneHitchin Boys School
VacancyCo-opted governor
Brianna CyrusParent GovernorNovember 2020 - 2024Parent ElectionNoneNoneNoneNone
Roshunda GrantStaff GovernorJune 2020 - 2024Governing BoardNoneNoneNoneNone
VacancyCo-opted / Staff
Michael KershawCo-opted GovernorJune 2018 - 2022Governing BoardNoneNoneNoneNone
Nick ShawVice Chair / Parent GovernorOctober 2020 - 2024Parent ElectionNoneNoneNoneNone
Katherine BrownParent GovernorFebruary 2019 - 2023Parent ElectionNoneNoneNoneNone
Naga Ramya Siri AnumoluCo-opted GovernorFebruary 2019 - 2023Governing BoardNoneNoneNoneNone
Oliver CooperCo-opted GovernorFebruary 2019 - 2023Governing BoardNoneNoneNoneNone
Kelly MassieAssociate GovernorFebruary 2019 - 2023Governing BoardNoneNoneNoneNone
Alex YatesFGB ClerkGoverning BoardHerts for Learning EmployeeNoneNoneNone

Copies of the signed minutes for Governing Board meetings are available from the School upon request.

Autumn 2021Spring 2022Summer 2022
Ben FullerAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Tracy ThomasAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Michael TaylorAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Apologies 27.06.2022
Lorraine PainterAttended 27.09.2021N/AN/A
Mike KershawAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Nick ShawAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Katherine BrownAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Naga Ramya Siri AnumoluAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Roshunda GrantAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Brianna CyrusApologies 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Attended 27.06.2022
Kelly MassieAttended 27.09.2021Attended 07.02.2022Apologies 27.06.2022
Autumn 2021Spring 2022Summer 2022
Tracy ThomasAttended 01.11.2021Attended 01.03.2022Attended 20.06.2022
Ben FullerAttended 01.11.2021Attended 01.03.2022Attended 20.06.2022
Michael Taylor Attended 01.11.2021Attended 01.03.2022Attended 20.06.2022
Lorraine PainterAttended 01.11.2021N/AN/A
Nick ShawApologiesAttended 01.03.2022Attended 20.06.2022
Oliver Cooper (Chair)Attended 01.11.2021Attended 01.03.2022Attended 20.06.2022
Kelly MassieAttended 01.11.2021Attended 01.03.2022Attended 20.06.2022
Autumn 2021Spring 2022Summer 2022
Ben Fuller (Chair)Attended 20.09.2021Attended 24.01.2022Attended 14.06.2022
Lorraine PainterAttended 20.09.2021N/AN/A
Michael KershawAttended 20.09.2021Attended 24.01.2022Attended 14.06.2022
Roshunda GrantAttended 20.09.2021Attended 24.01.2022Apologies 14.06.2022
Naga Ramya Siri AnumoluAttended 20.09.2021Attended 24.01.2022Attended 14.06.2022
Katherine BrownAttended 20.09.2021Scheduled 24.01.2022Attended 14.06.2022
Brianna CyrusAttended 20.09.2021Scheduled 24.01.2022Attended 14.06.2022
School governors come from every walk of life and there is no requirement for you to have an educational background, indeed it is desirable to have a variety of skills and backgrounds on the Governing Board. The nature of the role is dependent on the individual school’s circumstances and legal requirements (e.g. its size, outcome of a recent Ofsted inspection etc) but will always contribute to the over-arching work of the governing body and link to the main focus of school improvement; thus ensuring the children and young people are able to achieve to the best of their ability, in a safe environment.

Samuel Lucas welcomes new Governors to join the team as this always brings a fresh perspective into the Governing Board.

  • show commitment by attending meetings (full governing body and committee meetings)
  • attend training when needed
  • work as a member as part of a team without self-interest
  • make visits to the school during the school day so you can know our school
  • have the best interests of the school at heart

A day’s ‘Governor Induction’ is run by the Hertfordshire County Council Governance Team and is recommended in the first 3 months of your new term of office. This will help you to understand more about the role of being a Governor and is usually run at the weekend. ‘Safeguarding Children for Governors’ training is also recommended in the first 6 months, as the welfare and safety of our children is paramount. This course normally takes 2-3 hours and is run regularly during the week in the evening.

When you become a Governor, the Chair of Governors or governor who oversees training will be able to help you book onto courses. Once your governor term is confirmed, you will also receive monthly emails with details of training courses on offer. At Samuel Lucas we encourage Governors to take any training that they feel they need.

If you are interested in becoming a governor and you are a parent of a child or a member of the wider community and would like to apply to join the Samuel Lucas governing body please contact the school directly regarding vacancies.

If you would like further detail or an informal discussion about becoming a Local Authority or Community governor in Hertfordshire, please (01438) 843082. Further information is also available on the Hertfordshire County Council website.