A guide for parents

A guide for parents – Reception

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School Day
What does my child need to bring?
Physical Education (PE)

The School Day

Morning Routine

The classroom door opens at 8.45am and children must arrive by 8:55am. On arrival, they put their name on their dinner choice for the day. On Tuesday and Friday parents are encouraged to stay for our Shared Reading sessions and read with their child until 9.00am. Younger siblings are welcome too.

The classroom doors are shut at 8.55am to ensure the safety of the children. Please help us by closing the outside cloakroom door when you leave (Willow), or the gate (Lilac). If your child is late, or you need to collect them during the school day, please do so via the office so that amendments can be made to the register and lunch numbers.

Home Time Arrangements

At the end of the day, if your child is being collected by anyone other than yourself, please record this on our ‘Going Home’ sheet (Willow’s sheet is on the reverse of the white door to the playground; Lilac’s sheet is on the window beside the back door). We will not send your child home with someone if we have not been informed of a change to their usual ‘pick-up’. Please ensure that your children do not climb on the wooden ‘play trail’ apparatus or play in the Early Years outside area before and after school (including younger siblings).

Learning Outside

We approach learning through an investigative, skills based, creative and hands-on approach. The children will use the outside areas extensively to enhance their learning, so please ensure they bring a waterproof coat with a hood on a daily basis as they will be learning outside in all kinds of weather! In summer, apply suncream before school and provide a sunhat. No sun glasses please.


At Samuel Lucas, we foster an atmosphere of respect and positivity.

Your child has been involved in creating a set of ‘Golden Rules’ which we refer to throughout the school day. These rules aim to reinforce positive behaviour. If there is a problem, we will remind children of the Golden Rules, discuss with them the choices they made and think about what they could do differently next time.

The 5R’s:

At Samuel Lucas, we encourage:

  • Risk taking
  • Resilience

We also encourage children to be:

  • Resourceful
  • Reflective

And help them to form positive:

  • Relationships

Please read the ‘Behaviour Code’ booklet with your child. It is a home-school agreement to ensure that we are all taking a consistent approach to managing behaviour. Throughout this half term, the children will also create some ‘Top Tips’ for tidying up, eating snack, outside play and many more. We will send these ‘Top Tips’ home and it would be helpful if you could also read through them with your child, to further their understanding of our expectations at these times.

What does my child need to bring?

School Uniform

Please encourage your child to dress independently in the mornings, as this will help them greatly when preparing for P.E. lessons. Every item of the school uniform must be named:

  • White polo shirt
  • Red school sweatshirt with black logo or a red cardigan
  • Grey trousers, grey shorts, grey skirt or grey pinafore
  • Black school shoes (Velcro please until they can tie their own laces)
  • Grey or white socks, grey or red tights
  • A waterproof coat with a hood

Please do not put gel in your child’s hair. All hair—shoulder length and longer must be tied up (boys included) at all times. Hair bands, bobbles and clips must be in school colours (red or white). Earrings, if worn, must be a single stud and no other jewellery is allowed.

Water bottle

Children are encouraged to drink throughout the day in order to keep themselves hydrated and alert. Please send some fresh water in a named water bottle each day.

Outdoor Wear

The children will spend time working and playing outside so please ensure they have the appropriate clothing at school. On cold days, please send them in with gloves and a hat. On sunny days, please apply sun cream at home (do not send a bottle of lotion in to school) and send your child in with a sun hat. When the outside grass area is muddy, we will provide wellies for your child to wear, so please do not leave wellies from home in the cloak room.

Book Bag

This needs to be in school every day. The children must place it in their drawer when they come in each morning. Please send in the red reading record book as well as their books each day. The red book is for you to record daily reading. It can also be used for non-emergency messages between home and school. Letters will be put in the book bag as well so please check daily to keep up to date.

Talk Time

Talk Time will take place every Friday (please check the Talk Time rota for specific dates). Please can your child bring in a small item from home (that is related to the learning going on in class. The current ‘Theme’ is ‘1,2,3… Good to be me!’ as well as a general ‘autumn’ theme). Each child will have the opportunity to show and discuss what they have brought. This is an excellent opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills. The special items must be placed in the ‘Talk Time’ box by the carpet area. No other items from home to be brought to school please as we cannot guarantee it will not get broken or lost.

We hope that your child will be very happy at school and that we can work in partnership to support them. If you have any queries or concerns at any time about your child please do come and talk to us. Please check the parents’ board daily for any notices (e.g. we may ask your child to bring something in for a project).


“If you want your child to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your child to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Albert Einstein

At Samuel Lucas, we foster a love for reading. In class, we will share books daily and we encourage you to do the same at home. It is important to keep this time relaxed and positive. Try and read a variety of texts including: traditional stories, rhyming books, non-fiction, comics and recipes. You can read anywhere and you will notice that as the year progresses, your child will even start to read road signs and labels so please encourage this also.

Home Reading Books

The first books that your child will bring home will have no words and will develop their storytelling skills: focusing on characters, plots and sequencing. Alongside this, at school, the children will be following a phonic programme and will be learning the sounds of letters and will begin to blend them to make words. At this point they will bring home letter cards and some word cards. When they can read a few simple words they will have a reading book with some phonetic words. Some books may have a much longer text to practice recognising rhyming words or story patterns. You may need to read these books to, or with, your child.

Keeping a Record

We will send home two books on a Friday for your child to read that week, and we will change them on the following Friday. You will receive a red Home Reading book where we will record

the book names and date. Please write a short comment to inform us of their progress, how they enjoyed the book, or any difficulties they faced. Books will not be routinely changed if we see no evidence of reading at home so recording all home reading is vital.

Providing Support

When your child does not initially recognise a word, please model sounding it out for them, or use the sound cards that we will provide also. Let them use the pictures as clues to help them. If they are very tired, read the book to them and let them fill in some key words or read a page each. This book will form a valuable but small part of your child’s reading experience. Your child will have opportunities to join in with whole class reading of big books, labels, captions and signs in the environment as well as other reading materials.

The children will all develop at different rates. Please do not compare your child with others in the class. If you have any concerns about their progress, please do come and have a discussion with us.

During the week, the class teacher will read with them on a 1-1 basis. A whole range of texts and reading skills will be focussed on. These books will not be sent home but we will make a note of what they have read in the Home Reading book for you to see. You could then ask your child to tell you what the book was about, to develop their comprehension and storytelling skills.

Physical Education (PE)

P.E will take place on a Monday. This may be indoors or outside so please ensure they have both indoor and outdoor PE kit in school:

  • Black shorts
  • Red T-shirt with the Samuel Lucas logo
  • Trainers or plimsolls
  • Socks (girls)
  • Jogging bottoms (for outdoor sessions)
  • School P.E. Bag

In the first term PE is conducted in the hall in bare feet so plimsolls/trainers are not essential until January. However, if your child’s shoes get wet/muddy during the school day , plimsolls are handy to change into.

Children must bring their full P.E. kit to school. If they do not have it with them on a P.E. day, they will not participate in that lesson. Therefore, it is best to keep the whole P.E. bag on their peg at all times (we will send them home at half term to be washed).

Please ensure that all of their clothing is named (and re-named after washing). Hair must be tied back. If ears are pierced, small studs may be worn but must be removed at home, on the morning of a P.E. day, otherwise we will have to cover them with removable tape.