How we Communicate with Parents

Parent Partnerships

At Samuel Lucas we firmly believe that both home and school can work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child. The parents and school work together to share all aspects of a child’s development. Sharing this information allows for the appropriate next steps to be implemented. From supporting children every day with reading to encouraging them to risk take and attempt new skills parents can have a huge impact on their child’s attitude to learning and future successes.

Telephone calls and emails

The office or class teacher may phone or email parents for any urgent or important messages that need to be given.

Parent Mail

We use parent mail to communicate important messages such as the newsletter, class trips, forms to complete, inhaler use, head bumps, messages from the Headteacher or from your child’s class teacher.

Prospective Parent Meetings

Prospective parents are given the opportunity to visit the school and listen to an introduction from the Headteacher. They are then given a tour of the school by some Year 6 children to allow parents to see the learning going on around the school.

Welcome Meetings

At the start of each school year we hold welcome meetings at the school. This is an opportunity for parents to visit the school, meet their child’s class teacher and TA as well as seeing their child’s classroom environment. These meetings allow teachers to share key information relevant to each year group and gives parents the opportunity to ask any questions about the year ahead.

Phonics and Maths Parent Information Evening

We run two separate evenings, one for EYFS and another for KS1. This is an opportunity for parents to attend and allow them to feel informed about reading and early maths for their child. This gives parents the knowledge they need to understanding their child’s learning and make them feel more confident to support their child at home with their learning.

Parent Forum

This is run by Mrs Kinchin-Smith. It provides parents with an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns that they may have. These meetings are held once every half term. Parents are asked to email their child’s class representative any questions so they can be brought up at parent forum meetings.

Class Outcomes and Open Evenings

We hold these events towards the end of term as a way of sharing our learning from that term with the parents. These are an opportunity for children to talk about their learning with their parents. It is also a brilliant opportunity for parents to see how the learning progresses from reception up to Year 6 at Samuel Lucas School.

Parents Evening

Parents are given two opportunities in the school year to sit with the class teacher and talk about their child’s learning. The teacher can provide information on how they have settled in to the new year, their behaviour in class and the progress they are making in their learning. For Reception, Y2 & 6 these take place in the Autumn and Spring term. For Years 1, 3,4 & 5 these take place in the Autumn and Summer term.

School Reports

Parents are given a school report written by their child’s class teacher once a year that details their child’s progress that year. For Reception, Year 2 & 6 these are sent out in the Summer term. For Years 1, 3, 4 & 5 these are sent out in the Spring term.

Class blogs

Each year group has a class blog where the class teachers post photos and news updates about the learning going on for that year group. Parents can sign up on the website to receive notifications when a new post has been uploaded.


Our school website is a great way to find out about what is going on at Samuel Lucas. Parents can access the blog, read the newsletters and read important information about the school. We also communicate about the children’s learning for that term and information about our curriculum.