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Reception – Spring Term 2019 – Overview

Our topic this half term is to Infinity and Beyond!

Personal Social and Emotional Development: The children will be continuing to develop their skills of working as a team throughout all areas of Child Initiated Learning. They will be thinking about the best materials for the job as they create lots of artwork around our Space topic, and will begin to reflect on ways they might make their creations even better if they were to have another go in the future.

Physical Development: The children will continue to practice their letter formation, in order to ensure they are forming their letters uniformly. They will have the opportunity to use some new PD resources outside that will enable them to practice their ball skills, jumping, balancing and coordination. They will continue to learn about ways of keeping healthy and safe as they carry out their activities throughout the school day.

Communication and Language: The children will have the opportunity to think of their own questions that they would like to find answers too, throughout this topic, and will be encouraged to explain what they have found out to both the adults and peers in class. The children will be introduced to lots of new topic related vocabulary that they will be able to use in their talk and play. They will continue to have plenty of opportunities to talk about events and activities, from home, that are important to them.

Literacy: We will move on to learn our phase 3 digraphs, during phonics sessions, whilst continuing to practice blending words in order to read, and segmenting words in order to write. We will be using both information books and the internet to find out lots of facts about Space. We will record what we have learnt by writing simple sentences. In order to do this we will say our sentences orally first, listen carefully as we are saying them, and then writing the sounds that we hear.

Maths: We will be learning to recognise and order the numbers up to 20. We will be using objects in order to help us add amounts together and take amounts away. We will be continuing to use “sign for maths” to help us describe the properties of 2d and 3d shapes, identifying how many “pointy corners” an objects has and whether it’s edges are “curved” or “straight.” We will also compare the size, position, weight and position of objects as we interact with them during Child initiated learning.

Understanding of the world: When finding out information about Space we will be using iPads and computers to help us. We will be comparing and contrasting the properties of different planets including our own planet earth!

Expressive Art and Design: Our role play areas will be transformed into Space rockets/stations and the children will be encouraged to engage in imaginative play. They will have lots of opportunities to select materials in order to create space rockets, planets and other areas of personal interest throughout our Space topic. They will have access to a wide range of resources, such as puppets, instruments etc., in order that they can express their ideas and experiences.

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