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Summer Picnic

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After a week of crazy torrential downpours and avid weather watching we were kept guessing to the last as to whether the SLPA picnic would be going ahead. The tickets were a sell out, so there were some determined Samuel Lucas picnickers out there – meaning a lot of people to relocate into the school if the worst came to the worst! The deluges continued until about 6.30pm, but the skies cleared as people emerged blinking and dripping onto the new school field. Those well prepared with wellies, macs  and umbrellas found that these were not needed as the sun came out and a beautiful evening ensued – prime picnicking weather.

After a fantastic performance by the Glee club choir, Our Friends Electric played up a storm; initially to a crowd of enthusiastic children, but later, as the beer, pimms and prosecco flowed, to parents strutting their stuff as the evening drew in. Children also enjoyed both being thrown off and throwing others off of the bucking bronco, bouncing on the bouncy castle and playing football on the new pitch, all provided by Rising Stars and Play Aloud. The energy for this all this activity was provided by the pop corn and sweets stall and the ice cream van (and, of course, all the nutritious picnics). Adults enjoyed the festival-like atmosphere (helped along by the well stocked bar). A great time was had by all.

To add to this, a fantastic £2,152 of profit was made on the evening – not bad for £2.50 a ticket. This money will go towards postes for the giant shade sails that have been donated for the top field, so the children can enjoy a bit of shade on sunny days – or, perhaps more likely – shelter on rainy ones and towards other great equipment for the children.

Thanks to everyone who helped man the stalls and set out and clear up – the event was a great success as I’m sure all present would agree.

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