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Year 5 – Spring Term 2019 – Overview

A short Spring Term lies ahead with a vast range of learning opportunities for both year 5 classes to seize, with special events, days, visitors and celebrations adding to the curriculum subjects.

Our theme this term is called Beliefs, and is based on the shift in beliefs and way of life from the Anglo-Saxons to the Vikings. We shall be exploring a range of geographical, historical and cultural features as we develop knowledge, skills and interests across the curriculum.

We will continue to develop key skills for writing in English, focusing on improving our spelling and sentence structure so that any reader can access and enjoy our writing. We shall be focusing on Mystery and Suspense, Persuasion, Poetry and more, as well as celebrating the joy of reading through Daring to Be Different and World Book Day! We continue to benefit from your support with spelling and reading opportunities that are provided at home.

In Maths we will continue to develop the skills of fluency, sharpening our speed and confidence when recalling key facts and response to arithmetic questions including large numbers, fractions, decimals and the four operations. We will be exploring fractions, measures, area, volume and problem solving. We will be supporting pupils through refresher and revisit sessions, as well as home learning that will link to the taught areas in maths. Maths can be explored through daily life experiences, including telling the time, measure and number work.

We are looking at the Solar System in our science lessons, and finding out about how the Earth, sun and moon move in relation to each other.

In Computing, we shall be using Scratch to design and code a simple game, concentrating on algorithms and debugging the game as it develops.

In PE, the children will start to look at dance techniques, and creating their own motifs and short sequences. We shall then be looking at authentic Native American dances, and each class will create, develop and perform their own dance based on a specific event.

We would like to thank you for all your support throughout the Autumn term and your kind messages and gifts at Christmas. We look forward to another packed and exciting term and if you have any matters you wish to discuss please do come and see us!

Miss Gibson, Mrs Foster and Mrs Hull

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