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Samuel Lucas

Isle of Wight. Thoughtful Thursday.

OK…. So “Thoughtful” Thursday might seem like pushing it a bit BUT…….. we were all very thoughtful on the beautiful pebble beach at Alum Bay this morning. Each year we…

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Isle of Wight. Terrific Tuesday.

Hi again. Another great day. Weather a little overcast but no rain, which is always an absolute bonus. The children were amazing last night and were woken at seven for…

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Year 6 – we are so proud!

      This week Year 6 have faced their sats in such a mature, calm and motivated manner and we couldn’t be prouder of them.  The children have really…

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Science experiences

This week as Scientists, we were lucky to be joined by Mr Derrett from Hitchin Girls School for a session learning about the Heart.   His charismatic teaching style really…

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Year 6 – team games together

It feels like it has been longer than two weeks back at school already.  Year 6 have been working hard starting our new topics. In English we have look reviewing spelling,…

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Statistics fun in Maths

We have been completing our statistics topic in Maths this week. We have learned how to interpret data and how to draw our own pie charts. Today we decided to…

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