Our Learning

Students roles and responsibilities

At Samuel Lucas we value the voice of our students and wherever possible provide opportunities to develop them as responsible citizens who contribute to our school community. Below is listed the ways in which we give our students these opportunities.

School Council

School council meetings are held every Friday lunchtime by Mr Burgess. Each class elects two representatives by way of voting. Children are given the chance to talk to their class about why they feel they would make a brilliant candidate. In recent years, School Council (years 2-6) have attended the Children In Need Bicycling Challenge when it passed through Hitchin and raised money to provide support to Australian animals following their bush fires.

The School Council act as a link between children and staff and their ideas and activities are shared with the school community. This year, they will be liaising especially with Mr McAdam and the Eco-group.

A display board reminds the school who their representatives are and current developments following meetings.

Sports Leaders & Sports Committee

Sports Leaders are children from Year 5&6 who help run sporting events at the school. When we have our end of term inter-house competition, the Sports Leaders help run the event, being referee and in charge of keeping score of the event.

Mr Smith runs a Sports Committee at the school who meet every Thursday lunchtime. Children have to write a letter to Mr Smith explaining why they believe they would be good candidates for the role. These children organise and run a lunchtime club for other children.

Eco Club

A new club for September 2021, Mr McAdams has set up an Eco Committee at Samuel Lucas School. The group are going to be working towards achieving the Eco Schools Green Flag award and the Green Tree Schools award from the Woodland Trust. Four children from each class will work with Mr McAdams to achieve this award and improve the school environment. The group have begun the year by completing an Environmental audit of the school.

Year 6 supporting reception

At the start of the new school year, Year 6 children go down to Reception to help them settle into school at the start of the day.

Play Leaders

Year 6 children volunteer to be play leaders to support KS1 children at play time. They are there to play games with the children and encourage them to make good friendship choices.

Reception Lunchtime Support

Year 6 children help in the first few weeks of the school year to help the Reception children learn how to use the lunch hall and what the expectations are. They then follow the reception children onto the playground to help them have happy lunchtimes as they learn the new routines of school.

Prospective Parents Meetings

The Year 6 children take the prospective parents on a tour of the school following on a welcome talk from the Headteacher. Our Year 6’s do a wonderful job of showing the parents the learning across the school as well as sharing the values that are important at Samuel Lucas School.