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A Year 5 Class Post

Science Week!

Science Week – Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Last week was science week, and we had lots of fun thinking about the theme of time.

As a school w e explored sundials, atomic clocks, telling the time in space, GPS and the seasons.

In Year 5, we looked at how to improve the amount of Nature in the school. We explored the grounds, chose an area that we thought could be improved and then created a design for the area that would bring Nature into our school. If plans like this could be made a reality, it would help create a better future for nature in the UK. To tie in with the time theme, we thought about what the area would look like in the summer and winter.

We also learnt about the NASA astronauts who are scheduled to land on the moon in the next 5 years. They include Victor Glover, who will be the first person of colour to land on the moon. We thought about how important this was and how times had changed since Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins went to the moon. Although there are still challenges, the world is becoming a fairer place in lots of ways.

We also used  our science skills to plan and carry out an investigation into different materials. We made our waterlilies out of different materials and measured how long each waterlily took to open. We made sure we kept the size and shape of the waterlilies the same. Some waterlilies didn’t open at all! Sometimes we could see the material was waterproof; sometimes the material absorbed the water and sank instead of opening.

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