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A Year 5 Class Post

Special Days and Holidays

Feeling Good Day

Last Monday was Feeling Good Day. Year 5 enjoyed some time burning off some energy and bouncing around with their friends on the giant inflatable obstacle course. Afterwards, they said that they felt like they’d really had fun and were definitely feeling good! For lots of the children, this was a new experience so they did well to embrace trying something new.

We also participated in a whole school mindfulness drawing activity, making zentangles. These will be put together with all the other drawings from the other year groups to create a beautiful rainbow – we will post a photo when this has been assembled after the holiday.

Pickle was also a special guest in the Year 5 music lesson on this day!


We also completed our DT textiles projects. This is always a challenging project, as it involves an intense design process with lots of review and revisions, learning a range of stitching skills and how to handle a needle without it hurting and thinking inside out and upside down. The children have practised running stitch, back stitch, attaching applique and trying out different fastening. Their bags look fabulous! And the children should all be proud of what they have produced.


Spring Break

We wish you all the best for a peaceful and relaxing Spring break. Thanks for reading our blog – we look forward to sharing more of our learning adventures in the Summer Term.

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