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A Year 1 Class Post

Spring 2 – Week 3 and 4

What a super couple of weeks, Year 1! It’s been lovely having you back.

In English since we’ve been back, we have continued the theme of Traditional Tales but focused on the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children enthusiastically took part in a Whoosh, acting out the story and joining in with voices and sound effects. We then used our sequencing skills to put the story in order and write out sentences about what happened in each part of the story. We also wrote a character description for Jack, describing what he was like inside and out. As well as a setting description for the Giants home, where they came up with some lovely adjectives for the different objects found in the house. This week we did a super piece of shared writing about what happened after the beanstalk grew. We also drew and described the land of the Giants and wrote our own version of the story changing what Jack stole from the giant, we had lots of very imaginative ideas. Finally, we ended the week by using our speaking a listening skills to perform some of our writing. We worked on our story telling voices and expressive reading by pretending to be a different animal and read our work. They did some fantastic voices and we were very impressed.

In the first week back we continued our learning about length. Revisiting and consolidating what we learnt at home and extending this learning to; measure accurately with a ruler, adding and subtract lengths. This week we have moved on to exploring weight and mass. We’ve compared the weight of objects using our hands and measuring scales, weighed accurately using nonstandard units and compared mass using heavier, lighter vocabulary as well as the > < = symbols.

The first week we came back we focused on doing PHSE with the children and talking about our Growth Mindset, the power of YET and the importance of going into the learning pit!

We have been very busy these last few weeks starting and taking part in a DT unit of learning about Freestanding structures. As we have been looking at Traditional Tales, we decided to build a  chair for one of the three bears because Goldilocks broke their chair. We started off looking at existing chairs, exploring their features, materials and joints. We then went on to learn how to create paper and card joints, build a chair out of construction materials and  paper chairs. We then designed our own chair using the skills we had learnt. Finally building and evaluating their own chairs.

Next Week:

  • We will be moving on to look at volume and capacity.
  • We will be doing some creative writing.
  • We will be taking part in Easter activities (film, Easter egg hunt)
  • In PE they will be continuing with their ball control skills, throwing and catching.
  • It is Science Week, so we have lots of fun science activities that put our science skills to the test.
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